My mission is …

To support Generation X (that’s you if you’re somewhere between your late 30’s and late 50’s) to achieve optimum health and well-being by eating and living more in line with nature.

Beliefs and Values

The Miracle of Nature

Our bodies are part of the miracle of nature. We are not machines that work in isolation but rather part of an eco-system that supports and affects each other. I am training to be a Naturopathic Nutrition Advisor which means I focus on natural ways to support our digestion and health. It’s amazing how our bodies are designed and what nature provides to support it.

Real Food

Sticking with the natural theme, I focus on ‘real’ food – fresh, wholegrain, home-grown, home-prepared. So much of our food nowadays is refined, processed and full of un-natural chemicals and additives which our bodies aren’t designed to deal with. I encourage a reduction in processed foods and an increase in fresh and wholesome food in our diets.

We are a Whole - Not Parts

Our bodies are made of hundreds of different parts carrying out many different functions but none of them work in isolation and our ability to achieve optimum health will be hindered if we only focus on certain areas. As a naturopathic practitioner I not only focus on nutrition but on how our digestion system affects our whole body and also on other life-style factors that can help or hinder our health.

OK is Not Enough

Not being ill enough to be in the medical system is usually thought of as being healthy but we can be so much better than just ‘OK’. Many people live with symptoms that they don’t need to and that they have normalised because they’ve got so used to having them. I work with “healthy” people who know that whilst they’re not ill, they could feel better and/or get rid of some minor niggles.

Qualifications Gained

Life Coaching Diploma
Naturopathic Nutrition Advisor Diploma (in progress)



Welcome to my website and thank you for taking the time to find out more about me and my business.

Since I started work at age 17 I worked in administration, both in the private and public sector, and then from my mid-30’s I have run my own virtual admin support company.

I always knew that admin wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life (although organising is one of my great skills) but I never could work out what it was I did want to do.  Running my own business was great because it gave me much more to get my teeth into but I still didn’t feel like I was fulfilling my purpose.

In late 2016, alongside my business, I started working with Forever Living, The Aloe Vera Company, and in early 2018 it was their products and expert training that I turned to when I started to experience peri-menopausal changes that left  me feeling ‘not myself’.  This led me to nutrition and at the age of 47 I finally felt like I had found ‘the thing’ I was supposed to do so in August 2018 I started to train as a Naturopathic Nutrition Advisor with The Natural Healthcare College.

I focus on working with people who are not classed as ill but who, for a variety of reasons, have realised that they could be more well and who want to explore natural approaches to improving their health. 

The centre of that for me is nutrition but as a naturopathic practitioner I take a holistic approach and one which is based in nature.  I am keen to cut down the amount of manufactured/processed/refined foods in our diet and instead turn to the resources we have in the natural world that better support our bodies.

I hope you find something useful and/or inspirational in my resources and if you have any questions or specific needs please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.     


Please get in touch – I’d love to hear from you!

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