Have you experienced any of these recently?

The start of the menopause

A (grand)child entering your life

The illness or death of someone close to you

A personal health scare

If, like me, you have been lucky enough to have experienced good health for most of your life, an event such as one of these can be the trigger that makes you realise you won’t be young and fit for ever and that you’d better do something proactive if you want to maintain your health and active life-style for as long as possible.

“Prevention is Better than Cure”

We’ve all heard this saying and have no doubt used it ourselves on occasion, but have we applied it to our health?

We constantly hear about the state of our NHS system and  how it is struggling under the strain of coping with dieseases that can, in many cases, be reduced or prevented by adopting a more healthy diet and life-style.

If you want to take proactive approach to creating a healthy, active life-style for your later life I would love to support you in that process.  Take a look at the services I offer to help people just like you and please get in touch if you have any questions or want to talk about a specific issue.


Explore how you can work with me:

Nutrition & Life-style Support

I am currently completing my Nutrition Advisor Diploma so look out for some new services coming over the summer.

The Power of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera contains over 75 ingredients which provide our bodies with essential micro nutrients and support our digestive system, so it’s a great base on which to build a healthy way of eating. 

Find out more …

“Take care of your body.  It’s the  only place you have to live!”

Jim Rohn

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